Why Exhibit at MiDAS 2023?

A unique event combining both booth displays and actual drone demonstration flights

Showcase your products by showing them in action!


Opportunity to engage your target customers

Drawing on DHL and IIB’s extensive influence and network, MiDAS 2023 will attract large corporations as well as companies looking for tech solutions for their businesses


Engage policy-makers and demonstrate the capability of your products in a safe environment

Give policy-makers and authorities a chance to understand and gain trust in the integrity of your drone tech

Exhibitor Layout

The event will take place entirely at DTS1 (Drone Test Site 1) at Medini, Johor.

Exhibit booths at DTSOC

Exhibitor Info

There will be 2 booth options:

-Premium (5 booths inside DTSOC compound)

-Standard (13 booths curb-side)


Premium booths

-5 units (20 x 20 ft)

-Plug points, banquet table, chairs, fan


Standard booths

-13 units (20 x 20 ft)

Plug points, banquet table, chairs, fan


Each booth will be covered and consist of 1 table and 2 chairs, power supply, fan, 1 TV monitor.

Premium and Standard Booth Locations

Booth Layouts

Exhibitor Pricing

* Booth location choices are on first-come-first-serve basis and subject to availability