Fly It Safe with MyDroneFleets

UAV Tracking and Surveillance System


Mandatory Network Remote ID tracker for commercial operations in Singapore

Track your UAVs with 4G LTE

MyDroneFleets enables Airspace Managers and Fleet Managers to visualize small UAS operations in low altitude airspace anywhere with cellular coverage.

Track your UAVs today, no additional infrastructure necessary.


Weighing just 60g, UAV Hardware Trackers can be mounted on any drone above 250g.

No integration required with the UAV, as each Trackers comes with its own GNSS receivers.

Network Remote ID made simple.


Support an unlimited number of drones by leveraging the power of 4G cellular networks.

Each tracker has 4G radios that can connect to more than 99% of all 4G LTE service providers in the world.

National security built with privacy in mind.


Easily integrate with any upstream UTM Systems or Airspace Management Systems operated by aviation authorities or homeland security agencies.

The position of each Tracker is encrypted, and securely transmitted to only authorised servers in real time.

Our Customers


USD 20m

Cost of airport incursion by an unauthorised drone

In 2017, Gatwick Airport in London was shut down for 36 hours after suspected drone incursions. Multiple flights were prevented from landing, and some had to be diverted to other airports.

The estimated cost to the British economy of this single event was USD 19.8 million.


Cost savings over ADS-B emitters or similar devices

Electro-conspicuity devices such as an ADS-B emitter typically costs around USD 2,000 to USD 2,400.

MyDroneFleets UAV Hardware Trackers retails at USD 188 + USD 144/year for the subscription, which is up to 5x times cheaper when calculated over 2 years of operations.


Cost of surveillance infrastructure required

Almost every major city in the world has mandatory cellular coverage, with telecommunication service providers offering competitive connectivity services.

This is in contrast to the deployment of costly receivers across the city or critical infrastructure required by proprietary technologies.

Unveil the future of tracking with our advanced technology