Airspace Visualizer

Track your drones in real time using MyDroneFleets Airspace Visualizer

The Airspace Visualizer web application works on desktop and mobile devices, and allows you to visualise multiple drones in operations.

This app is available to all tiers of subscribers except CFMS trackers.

All tracker owners will have access to the Retail features. If you have recently purchased a tracker from us, or been issued one by your organization, kindly proceed to and log in to your Garuda Plex account.

For drone fleet managers and local airspace managers, check out the SME package where you can perform strategic deconfliction of airspace and track violations of your entire fleet of drones and pilots.

Tier Audience
Retail For tracker owners
SME For fleet / airspace managers and small businesses
Enterprise For aviation authorities and large enterprises
Retail SME Enterprise
Price Free USD 99 /year Contact Sales
Live Tracking
Track Playback
UTM integration (MOQ 10)1
Drone Surveillance (NetRID API)
Airspace Design
Airspace Reservation
Airspace Reservation Approvals
Flight Scheduling
Conformance Monitoring
Operations Review
Fleet API Integration2 Limited
Drone Registration
Pilot Registration
Hosted on Private Cloud
COTS Drone Integration

1 Limited Time Promotion, with every minimum order of 10 trackers, we will provide free integration to your UTM system, by calling your UTM’s webhook for telemetry. No subscription needed.

2 SME tier API calls are throttled.

UTM Integration

Our preferred partner for UTM integration is OneSky. Learn more about what OneSky can do when paired with our UAV Tracker.

The tracker can also be integrated with other UTMs or your natively built UTM system. There is a Minimum Order Quantity of 10 trackers if you want to forward your telemetry to a custom UTM of your choice. 

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